Standing out

Rise, but not above the rest.

18:07 p.m.

19 August 2016

A little about me today, dear Dreamers.

Writing is hard. Writing about one’s own self is harder. 

Even if I manage to, who will be interested in getting to know a non-stand-out personality? I wouldn’t.

Any’who’, since I’ve entrusted myself with this slighty meh task, let me give it a try.

I like to think of myself as a blend of an Essayist Francis Bacon, documenting extremely obvious but little understood truths of life, an anti-Anne Frank, chronicling not-so-important events, sprinkled with maybe a little Sisyphus on the top, moving in a continuous assembly line rut, but out of my own will. Only one can “imagine” Sisyphus happy.

This is how it has been so far i.e. since I can faintly recall:

School: Check

A 6-month stumble giving a reality check :  Check

Undergrad Studies: Check

Postgraduation Studies: Check

A not-so-solo trip to the beach: Check

Employment: Check

Current status- Scrambling for a breath of fresh air : Check

The question’s’ that I frequently face as a part of a review exercise that my brain repeatedly makes me take on the auspicious occasion of completing almost a third part of average human life are: Who am I? What have I achieved so far? If not, then what exactly is that I am looking for? Do people know who I am? Will the world remember me once I get wiped off the face of this Earth? Has my existence made a difference? You know the questions related to the “identity formation” jargon which is generally used as a spur in inspirational messages.

However, one thing that is never ever  mentioned is that identity is always singular. And it is short lived for most. The elevated status is all fun and games even if it means leaving behind the human collective. The stark reality dawns when the aura starts to dim and nudges gently towards the downhill ride. And you get off the podium all alone, as you climbed it. 

There will always be leaders to guide humankind towards light but remember it is the one who leads faces the heat first. Don’t get me wrong, it is not the mob driven by herd mentality that I want you to be a part of. My worldview is not partisan in nature. It doesn’t have a followed and the followers. Every person has an innate identity, as unique as a fingerprint. Charting your own path, which may or may not coincide with others. Recognizing strengths which might not be fashionable but definitely are all about “you”.

Stand out but not in a way that makes you an outsider. Be that ant who goes into unchartered territory for fulfilling the common goal it shares with its fellow ants. Maybe then survival might become a possibility and humans remain, along with the ants and the cockroaches.

As for me, I would not like to disclose my identity voluntarily. For the fear of criticism or failure some might say. Or for the pleasure of identifying with others, which is rare and gives me a consolation of belongingness. 

Just breathe for me.

Yours truly,

The Uninspired Millennial

The Eye Opener

This is what dreams are not made of, anymore.

00:23 a.m.

12th August 2016

Dear Uninspired Dreamer,

First things first.

You are not just my “dear reader” (as the Victorians would call you) but a fellow uninspired dreamer. Not just any dreamer, mind you, rather one who dreams more with his/her eyes open than with eyes closed. Dreams are supposed to be the outlet of the subconscious trickling behind the doors of closed eyes but I really doubt if the subconscious has the time to actually register anything these days. Swipe, a moment, swipe, blank.

Reality looks, sounds, tastes, smells, feels more fascinating today. The unimaginable is now. Dreams in my sleep, screw you. Also, there isn’t any spare time. Brain dominates the mind. And definitely it should, it has a greater “use value” you see.

Gen Y, stuck between the Xs and the Zs, always at the cusp of Revolution’s’. Never here, never there. It’s NOT a wonderful life. Robbed off of the leisure to dream or to give it shape. Riddled with fears, doubts. To be, or not to be. Social networker but practically asocial in everything else. Uninspired to the very core.

I’m not here to tell you that everything will be alright. Probably it won’t. However, what I’ve understood so far from all the “inspiring” movies and books that I could lay my hands on is that there are little moments of Revelation worth spending a drab lifetime for. Your Noah’s Ark might just be around the corner. Keep dreaming with your eyes open, lest you miss it!

Just breathe for me.

Yours truly,

The Uninspired Millennial